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THE HEAP-Resin Model Kit

THE HEAP-Resin Model Kit


Feel the rage of THE HEAP as it comes to 3 dimensional life in this diorama-style resin model kit! Ripped from the pages of 70's monster comics, this massive conglomeration of killer garbage is on a rampage. The kit is cleanly cast in 12 high quality resin pieces, ready for your assembly and paint artistry. Includes base, nameplate, two hapless victims, and of course, garbage! With a bellowing swoop, he grabs his victim by the head and smashes down a brick wall with the body. He's out of control! THE HEAP LIVES!!

  • SIZE

    Assembled size of the model kit is 8.75" x 5.4" x 7".


    Shipping is calculated at checkout. The amount is auto-calculated by the US Postal Service. Shipping is $20 in the continental US, and is calculated at the time of purchase for other countries. I have no control over the shipping costs, sorry, I know international shipping is expensive these days!

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