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About Rock Art Creative

  Rock Art Creative is art and photography inspired by a sense of wonder about  the Archaeology, Paleontology, and natural grandeur of the landscape. You'll find landscapes, petroglyphs, ammonites and other fossils, and other surprises. It's all about the earth and the mysteries in it's past.


    “These pieces are a way to express a deep  connection to aesthetic experiences of these special places. I take long road trips and camping excursions to remote places in search of ancient art, both human created and nature born.  My work tries to extract new sensory experiences from existing material. I'm externalizing my imagination about the past through my investigations into these treasures of human and earth history.”

About The Prints


  • Museum Quality Archival Giclée prints

  • A bold and vivid vision of the past

  • UV protective coated

  • Each piece hand made and direct shipped

  • Available in a variety of sizes

  • Inquire about custom sizing



Custom Work and Commissions

I will consider each request for custom work and commissions carefully. I am open to alterations and explorations within my work.


Originals and Editions


All pieces are open editions, as they are digital prints. I am exploring using mixed media to craft one-of-a-kind originals in the future. Stay tuned! 

About The Work and Process

Each piece begins with a journey. I plan road trips across the American West and Southwest in search of new Petroglyphs, ancient ruins, and fossils. These trips generally are summertime, bright, hot, dusty excursions. I tent camp, and spend as much time in the environment as possible. Coming to a site, I exhaustively document it in photographs from all different angles and distances. Multiple trips to a single locale will yield a different play of light and mood.


On return, I examine the pictures freshly to discover new compositions, and to contemplate new stories and ways to express the feel of the experience.


I begin to play with color and light, separating the elements into interesting combinations. Honestly, the process of examining and adjusting continues all the way through the work.


The intent is not to display reality, but a heightened sense of a place or an object.  



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